KNIVES in US Society

Having carried countless knives of many types and sizes all of my life, I discovered that in today’s protective nanny society, kids can no longer do that.

I had one time asked the boys, why they didn’t carry knives while in school? They looked at me like I had suggested something evil, and said No Way, they would have been immediately ‘cuffed and stuffed’, for carrying a deadly weapon in school.

Times sure have changed. Every boy I ever knew, including a few girls within ‘Our Culture’, carried a knife to school and Nothing ever happened. No one ever thought about stabbing anyone with them. We played games like ‘mumbly peg’ at recess.  Which included tipping the open knife off various things, knees, elbows, chins, foreheads etc, trying to ‘stick it’ :>)

We threw our knives to ‘stick’ ’em and see who could do it best. We whittled animals out of pieces of wood we carried in our pockets, while waiting for class to start, or just while sitting around with each other… or alone.

We compared any ‘new’ knife with pride, as ‘new’ anything was rare in those days. Hand me downs were far more common. Larry got new boots for Christmas. A knife pocket was sewn on the outer side.

They were the boots he kicked the cats in the dark…Skunks. Those boots stunk for the rest of their life. Larry took a long time to smell like Larry again.

My Boy Scout knife that mom ordered for Christmas, was very special. I carried that for years, cutting myself numerous times until I broke it doing something not very realistic. Every time I see a Boy Scout knife with its Fleur emblem, I remember mom getting that special knife for me. :>)

I had a Boy scout Axe with a leather sheath, from one other Christmas of mom’s discerning intuition. In excellent condition, those are worth a few dollars today. Mine was battered, rusted and thoroughly used, after many camping and hiking trips. I was ‘rough on stuff’. Red Ryder BB gun, followed by mom’s marlin 22, all were sacrificed to the rough and tumble Boy’s lifestyle, along with the knives and other toys of ‘danger’, that my generation by experience, learned to respect.

Today the knife is considered a very irresponsible item for a well protected government programmed boy to own. Back then it was as common, as a dollar in your pocket, is today.

Controlled Society by Design, across the USA of today, has changed into some dis-utopian feel good imaginary dream state, that has far more flaws, far less individual Freedom than ever existed in Mark Twain’s time. Heaven, filled with adventure and knowledge, seems ever more attractive in comparison.

Enjoy life in the United States of America. “One Nation Under God”.

Pack a Knife daily, you will feel better about yourself. :>)


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