New Mexico Snow 2013

We are finally having some snow. About 3 inches so far. Nice and fluffy as it falls. Remember the ‘squeaks’ as you walk? Good ‘Packin’ for snowball fights and snowman building :>) temperature is about 32 degrees this morning. Colder is expected. We like it. The extra wetness is good for the mountains and forests. In the city, our lawns and foliage prosper. Looking at that Midwest storm, Minnesota and such, I feel nice and cozy at 32 deg , with snow measured in inches.

Even the southern Mountains of Colorado, extending into New Mexico are in the 100″ snowfall range already. This year is on track to be a very good ski season. Anytime Thanksgiving is snowy, life is wonderful. When we skied on weekends, that was great news. Waking at 4 AM, piling the kids and friends into the van, with skis on top racks, No amount of snow could keep us from the skiing areas. Chains, shovels and raw V8 horsepower plowed the van up the mountain roads, through deep snow to our day on the slopes.

Fun and exciting to be first in line, ride the chair lifts during the storms, to the very top, in blinding blizzard conditions on the mountain peaks, we then rush down through the deep drifts to the bottom and repeat … all day :>) When the clouds briefly cleared in early morning, the sky straight above looked black, due to the high thin air. Sunburn was common on cloudless bright sun days, when shorts and sleeveless T shirts were the New Mexico skiing apparel.

Our home base is on the lower slopes of the Sandia Mountain Range, a slowly spreading (geologic ‘Range and Basin’) vertical rift in the earth’s crust, that soars above us for one mile. For one thing, that means that we periodically get a waterfall effect from the icey cold air.

Frozen cold air that is at the 11,000+++ foot level, streaming and meandering across the USA from West to East, driven by the jet stream. As the jet stream drops lower in latitudes, as it commonly does during the winter months, we happily receive the moisturizing effects across New Mexico. The moisture collides with the arctic blasts. That combination brings snow and rain, from either the Gulf of Mexico or the Pacific Ocean. This particular storm is moving Eastward, loaded with moisture from the Pacific. We are on track to experience a cyclical exceptionally wet year :>)

As is occurring now, the primarily sunshiny southwest, including southern states get their Northern cold air blasts from time to time. Arctic Express, always have and always will, chill us down. Ice is not nice, not only is it slippery to drive on, it also breaks the overhead wires. I (including my ‘wire line’ friends:>) recall what that meant, as we strapped on the ‘Hooks’ with our belts and tool gear and climbed countless frozen ice covered poles (heavy with ‘H’ overtime :>) in the dead of winter, while working for the Illinois Bell Telephone Company. Of course I was a young man and found the intense physical exertion a little test, an endurance and raw strength related test… exciting fun, smiling and thinking…… “And They even Pay me for this”:>)


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