Thanksgiving Day, 28 November 2013

Searching through the big Tom Turkey section was slim pickin’s at the local supermarket this year.  Discovered a smaller 17.6 # Tom with Thunder thighs for $13….. if $25 of groceries were purchased.
Added up the three day runs to the local smith’s (Kroger). Service desk looked at receipts, saw that we had spent in excess of required amount and they refunded $20 in cash, to bring the  $33 Tom down to the $13 advertised.Followed the instructions on his fish netted pack sack, 365 degree oven, 4-6 hours.
We stuffed in a sliced and peeled, large apple….. that I had found on the pavement next to my car while loading groceries :>) If we were roasting a whole Pig, that apple, complete with it’s red peeling, would have been stuffed into it’s mouth, with the Pig staring at all of us,….just like in the pictures.:>)
Considering this nation’s latest ‘culture’, attempting to overwhelm US history, I believe we should All ….Roast more Pig :>)Dragged Tom Turkey out to check his vitals at 10:30 AM, after a 5 AM start. The breast bone and both leg bones slid right out. Now it’s a ‘Boneless Turkey’…. stuffed with corn bread dressing, baking for the next hour at a lower temperature. :>)

12 local family members are bringing the rest of Thanksgiving dinner (including five youngers, 2 of which are still ‘kidlets’) and one retired neighbor, who for some mysterious reason still enjoys our company, will make it a fair sized group of ‘eaters’ to help us turn protein into energy …. and waste. :>)

1:00 PM is the scheduled arrival, followed by the daylong countdown’s semi buffet style ‘launch’ time. Set the card table and kitchen table for the ‘youngers’ and the larger dining room table for the adults (including 4 ‘Oldsters’). The 3 teenage girls are sitting close by the kidlets, not far from the adults. I am sure they would rather sit with the adults, but we are Not buying a larger house :>)

Before the family sits down to a meal, a group prayer of thanks to our God, Lord and Savior for the Freedom, protection and prosperity to provide for our own sustenance, precedes the meal stage.

The ‘Boneless’ Turkey pretty easily fell apart during the carving ritual. No actual carving was needed, separation was the method for this rare bird, that spent approximately 6 + hours in the oven. Toms texture was still firm, only easier to separate from his bone structure.

One platter was light meat of breast, another platter was dark meat of legs, Thunder thighs and wings. Turkey gravy included the giblets and the tender meat from the neck. Both items had been previous to freezing, packed tightly into the then frozen bird. We removed these tasty morsels and placed them alongside their mentor host for roasting in the oven.

Salad, mashed potatoes, Sweet potatoes and French style (pointy tails on both ends) green beans rounded out the feast completed by the other families. Yes we had leftovers…and deserts. Three pies of different types, brought by the family chefs. Pecan, Apple and Pumpkin. Water was the primary beverage of choice, with coffee for a few individuals. Naturally my penchant for good strong coffee, Cheap, resulted in the excellent ‘Big Lots’ brand of ‘Four Sisters’ ;>)

After the great feast, we sat and enjoyed various subjects during table conversation. Education, teaching being the starters, due to a background in education by various family members. Medical, due to the effects of medicine on all of us. Technology of course is advancing rapidly. Business, due to the family owned business environment. Politics being of a polarizing subject matter among many gatherings including family, are skirted unless the subject is universally accepted.

Table games take up the majority of the time following the meal. Of course afternoon snacking on tasty morsels is ongoing. The youngsters excitedly include the parents in games of knowledge and facts of the world around us. The ‘after feast’ time is well spent on table games with lighthearted education, accumulated and shared among family members.

“What is the fastest Bird” one son asked his gaming partners? Answer: The relatively diminutive Peregrine Falcon in Stoop (diving onto prey) is capable of 180 miles per hour. added note: Chasing a speedy Wood Duck in flat out furiously wing flapping flight, at speeds approaching 80 mph :>) ‘Desert Road Runner’… Beep Beep… chased by Wily Coyote using ACME enhanced accessories? Nah.. not a chance. The ACME rockets were fast :>)

One of our Honor Society family members received her ‘Academic Letter’ recently. We are very proud of her. Organized competitive sports, though extremely important to a well rounded personality, including all of our younger members, takes a secondary/tertiary position, to continually advancing education in our family, unless others more interested in games of physical abilities, are involved in the gatherings, then all bets are on the table :>)

Our own parents always looked forward to and greatly enjoyed, participated in and hosted these family gatherings on US holidays and special occasions. Being the senior members today, our own parents are truly missed. They are forever etched into our memories. We loved them dearly and still have fond memories of the wholesomely rich, fun times we were fortunate to have them gracing us with their presence..

Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy,
United States of America,
One Nation under God, style
                           THANKSGIVING DAY !!!!!

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