Keurig Coffee

Do you drink coffee?
I have a couple of large cups in the morning with/after breakfast. Always watching for a different taste experience, flavor or interesting sounding description on the packaging, while shopping, especially while traveling. Texas offers the most varieties in their larger grocery stores. H.E.B. with both quality and/or selection, is their largest Texas chain, making Walmart work to compete..  Note: Walmart lists numerous brands of coffee on it’s online catalog, with ‘site to store’ shipping Free.

H.E.B.’s Cafe Ole   being a great choice., with Texas Pecan being one of my favorite flavors. ‘Private Selection’, Gourmet Coffee found at ‘Kroger’ associated stores, is very good and reasonably priced in several venues. Their Cinnamon Hazelnut, I find great for a flavor switch at various times. They can be ordered online, as all popular coffees. Rare to locate, ‘Irish Cream’ flavored coffee (Sprouts Farmers Market), or ‘Black Mountain Gold’ Walmart/Walgreens, though not cheap, is wonderful during afternoon relaxation with a bite of ‘whatevers’. I prefer decaf at that late time of day.

I used to be stuck on the old standards, Folgers etc. You know, those that appear as if brown saw dust with a synthetic coffee flavor? That is until I found my first Keurig coffee maker    …..  in a Charity Thrift store… …for less than $10 ( I titled this post ‘cheap’).  I use the 3 piece ‘My  K cup’, to create my own distinctive custom blend…. each cup. Experimentation with a 0.2 (2/10) ounce coffee measure + or – determines preferential strength. Not particularly liking ‘see through’ coffee, working my OJT in military food service as S Sgt, I personally prefer dark, high octane Aircraft grade.

Keurigs work fine and reliably (re: Charity Thrift Stores? Check out thoroughly. Prices vary, wasteful error if they don’t function), as I use Only distilled water. Distillation removes minerals, that process keeps the minerals present in all tap water, from clogging the ports, pump mechanism and forming deposits on the heating element. Mineral deposits shorten the life expectancy of modern closed coffee makers of any type.

I also found a small ‘one cup’ Keurig (K 10 Mini plus) for use in the travel coach. That one was $5….. in a ‘Goodwill’ store. They come new in a rainbow of color choices for approx $80 online, or in stores like ‘Kohl s’… on sale. Both are great for single cup at a time use. On K 10, Open ‘Both’ the reservoir cover and K cup lid (important, opens valve to heating chamber), Then pour in the ‘distilled’ water from whatever size cup you are using. Voila, the same cup is soon filled with tasty, custom brewed coffee to your personal taste.

Wife does not drink coffee regularly, unless we are out somewhere special, so ‘one cup’ at a time works well for me. For others that consume several cups and empty a coffee maker daily, the Keurig is definitely not as attractive. Grinding ‘fine’ (Turkish style), is the key for the Keurig ‘My K cup’.

If you use a small conventional rotary blade type electric coffee grinder, the grinding ‘time’ is related to coarse or fine. 5 to 10 seconds for coarse. Up to 25 seconds for fine. ‘Burr’ mills use settings similar to the big grinders in the stores. Cuisinart lists one of excellent quality, that holds up to 1/2 pound of beans. (Mine was $7 in a charity thrift store).

‘Turkish’ setting on the big store grinders, results in finely ground coffee effective in the ‘My K cup’. The little pre-blended Keurig cup cartridges in countless brand names and flavors, including teas and chocolates, are expensive and the blends are typically weak (some people actually like weak, ‘see through’ coffee). Impressive visually in stacked frames,  a vast array displayed on a kitchen counter, if you like to impress guests?

Keurig’s patent is now ending. This results in competitors, as well as affiliates, in both price and quality. Shop wisely using various consumer reports on- line (ebay and Amazon product comments are sometimes useful)  to find out which works better for your personal use.

While in ‘Big Lots’ (‘Cheap’ is in the title of this post), besides their own Aribica ‘Java Time’ economy brand ($5 for 26 oz)   I came across a ‘one pound 10 oz’, silver Mylar bag of Aribica ‘Four Sisters‘ premium coffee, Cinnamon flavored or regular (mild medium grind) for $5. That is approx $2.60 per pound, cheap for coffee. I blended it 50/50 with my stronger flavored, finely ground ‘New Mexico Pinion’ coffee (available on line). What a great combination. Cheaper and better tasting than most coffee’s I have tried. At $5 per extra large, 26 oz bag, with a medium grind, it definitely is worth a shot, especially as a ‘blend’ with other stronger coffees :>)

For a fun filled, detailed description of ‘Cheap’ Coffee
Did you ever consider that Starbucks coffee, for an avid coffee aficionado, could cost about $60…. a Day?

Have fun, enjoy ‘taken for granted’ Freedom, while it is allowed to last, life in the land of plenty, the land of personal choices, the United States of America.
“One Nation Under God”

“I would rather sit on a Pumpkin by myself, than crowded on a velvet cushion”. qt: Thoreau


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