Los Angeles California educational system

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 This post was rec’d in email. It pertains to the attitude of acceptance, for some unexplainable reason, now running rampant across the United States of America…

Guest post:

This morning I was reading the on line LA LA Times and ran across a story that claimed that the test scores in Los Angeles, including the state of California, dropped. I was shocked, SHOCKED!  I almost dropped my coffee. Well, reading the article it’s not All test scores for All students. The only test scores that dropped were English, Math, Reading, Science.

 Not All students had a decline in test scores, Asian and Honkey averages actually went up. What went down, was the Hispanic and African test scores. Well there I was, back to shocked again, who’d a thunk?

According to many factions, It’s really the tests that are at fault, not ‘their’ students.

 If the tests had asked if all honkeys are racist, if it had eco/enviro propaganda, if it was expected that Jefferson and Monroe did anything except own slaves, if gay’s had a greater contribution than is normally taught (btw that is the Law now in California), if you’re a complete failure, apparently with this ‘newthink,’ it’s not your fault, but the fault of George Bush including all Asians and Honkey’s. If your chosen culture of perpetual victimhood is not on the test, then there is something wrong with the testing system and that should be ‘changed’.

Here’s an idea. How about bringing in more illegals to raise the test scores.

How about teaching to expand curiosity and encourage critical thinking. But that’s not going to happen, who would vote for the Democrats who created this mess. Can’t blame Republicans, there aren’t any. Thank the teachers union, those who control the department of education including the politicians in Sacramento.

Comrade Barack Bullshitsky is talking (that’s all he ever does) about abolishing Fannie and Freddie. Did he finally realize that they are the failures that caused the depression he inherited and it was due to the Dodd-Frank legislation Bullshitsky supported?

Does this mean his bro Raines will have to return the $100 million he took, of tax payers money, because he did such a good job at Fannie and Freddie? Don’t bet on it.

Normally this closing of the tax sucking mortgage giants would be a good thing, but Bullshitsky wants to replace them with apartment, inner city, tax sucking giants. Didn’t Bullshitsky read about DEETROIT? Ya just can’t educate dum. Read above.

It’s official now. LA Community Colleges have banned ALL hand guns from the campuses. That means you can go around the campuses and no one will shoot at you because it’s against the law to have a hand gun on campus. I would feel so protected, especially in the inner city campuses.

Not to minimize a tragedy, but earlier this week a blue Dodge ran up the Venice Beach boardwalk and killed one person and injured many others. To follow the Liberal Logic, we should ban all blue Dodge automobiles. “If it saves only one life”… So the liberal logic goes.

Show me where I’m wrong.

Robo of Cali


One thought on “Los Angeles California educational system

  1. Reply to Robo of Cali,
    You need to be careful – the NSA is reading your emails!!!!

    Seriously, you might know if this is true, but I heard they “re-centered” the SAT test scores a few years ago (moved the “average” down) so the kids would have scores that ‘looked like’ their parents. If you stop and think about it, with everyone going to college today, the SAT scores acceptance average had to be lowered for entry. When you and I went to college, not everyone did. When our parents even went to school and finished, only a small percentage did. Both of my parents were college grads – very unusual at the time.

    Fight On!!!

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