Antidrepressants, Drugs = Violent USA

SSRI’s …Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors… Molecular chains, ‘Designed’ (Designer Drugs), Created in Laboratories, are NOT Natural. They are now rampant in prescription and use, across the entire USA (the most heavily addicted) as well as the world, both legally and illegally, prescribed or used as an ‘Enhancer’ of the brain’s natural functions.  A Unipolar person can easily be become Bipolar. Bipolar individuals, already estimated at 4% of US society at any given time, are at a drastically increased risk of an imbalance of Emotions with Violence often the outcome (as now seen in all of the recent atrocities).

Correctly administering a chemically altered ‘balance’ and closely monitoring it, are nearly impossible due to the individual patient’s self control. The same ‘self control’, that is being adjusted by the Psychiatric attempt at altering the thought processes of the ‘at risk’ person. Circular Logic comes into play, Nay, it Overrides all Logic.

SSRI’s are so thorough in their incessant penetration of the brain’s receptors, they drastically alter the body’s ‘own’ natural production of Serotonin. The list of brand names is lengthy and changing as ongoing compounding continues.Hundreds of Lawsuits are quietly settled ‘after’ an ‘incident’, which indicates a very serious problem. The unimaginable Power of the pharmaceutical industry and it’s myriad of distribution levels, is reason to Fear their profit motivated onslaught.

Prozac is well known. Prestiq, Effezor, Luvox, Halcion, Strattera, Lariam, Paxil, Chanix, Lexapro, Welbutrin Celaxa, Zoloft, Anafranil, Seroxat, Cymbalta, Fanapt (Reportedly the Drug being taken by Lanza, the young, under 25, Connecticut shooter).

Under 25, considered ‘Children’ in studys, is the most vulnerable age group for drastically  increased irrational, unpredictable behavior….. Amphetamines… fall into the same category and are increasingly sought during increasingly violent, Pharmacy ‘invasions’ by desperate Druggies, Career Repeat Offenders, now ‘encouraged’ by the US court system, to roam as ‘chemically enhanced’, uninhibited Predators on society.

School statistics of over 60 incidents of recorded Violence offer proof.
Liberal site Joe Giambrone even offers his assessment to the growing list of people becoming aware of the massive Drug problem now sweeping the United States of America. When Liberals finally recognize a problem, it is immense.

Antidepressant use in 18 to 44 year old individuals across the USA, have Soared… by 400% since 1988 (reported by US Center for Disease Control). Ely Lilly (among others) studies resulted in ‘Black Box Warnings’ placed on All Antidepressants. The brain’s Receptors are chemically altered. Reported are feelings of Restlessness and an ominous sense of… “I MUST Do Something”… Anything. !

A feeling of Detachment from reality, a total lack of Emotion, Fear is greatly diminished, Common sense is easily lost or disregarded. Hostility against others is common, with unprecedented violence often the result. Remorse is totally absent ‘After’ any Violent ‘accomplishment’ of hostility towards humanity/society.

Empathy towards the suffering of others, is replaced with a blank brain response of Denial. Self Worth is radically enhanced or rapidly diminished during many periods. Mod Swings, the Drugged personality has no cognizant fear of losing their own life. On the contrary, Suicide is ‘expected’ to follow their morbidly planned ‘accomplishment’ of ‘Doing Something’. Suicidal thoughts/actions rise with the use of Antidepressants.

The latest stats for SSRI’s are disturbing to say the least. The ‘Stats’ are naturally altered to protect the Pharmaceutical Companies that prosper immensely, by advertising, accelerating their disbursement around the entire world. New England Journal of Medicine noted in it’s own publication. “Bias designed to increase greater distribution by Positive’s, and downplay Negative reports, is rampant among the Pharmaceuticals”. ‘Risk to Benefit’ ratios are greatly exaggerated. Published reports attribute a 94% positive, when in reality only a 51% positive exists..

Neuroscience professional Eliot Valanenstein, “Evidence Not supported”, as to pharmaceutical ‘claimed’ (‘ghost’ written) effectiveness of SSRI Antidepressants. Internationally Acclaimed Critic, Dr David Healy Psychiatrist.. Ireland  is  added to the rapidly growing list of detractors.

Major pharmaceuticals overwhelmingly Fund mental health institutions, thereby rendering Any negative reports as ‘not acceptable’…to their highly profitable International business structure. Dr Healy testified in ‘Tobin vs Smith Kline’ 2001 (1998 family killing rampage) resulting in 6.4 million payout… while accepting no blame. .

Natural Genetics play a strong role and not all children/adults are affected in the same way. Prenatal use of Antidepressants is an ongoing study, being done by the immensely  biased Drug companies themselves. Behavioral Problems and long term difficulties, such as Autism in addition to the extensive list of problems also being reported by Physicians.

To have chemically ‘enhanced’ emotional ‘Highs’, irrationally laughing at serious circumstances/subjects (such as exhibited by the US Vice President during the 2012 ‘Debates’?). Having no concerns of Others being discomforted, or them to feel uneasy with hostile, antagonistic advances. A feeling of being ‘bullet proof’ is common, as exhibited during the well known ‘Hollywood Bank Robbery’. Dilated pupils (note famous media, police pictures of the Aurora Theater shooter), as with other mind altering Drugs, is only one outward indication.

Dr Peter R. Breggin, the very respected physician that was given the task to research the huge amount of collected data on the use and near exhaustive clinical trials of Antidepressants, reported his findings before Congress.  His reports primarily cover the US Military, members of which are given the drugs, to fight depression in soldiers, while not reporting the severe Risks to the soldier or his family. The exact opposite is the end result. It actually ‘enhances’ their capacity for ‘Mania’ associated with increased propensity for Violence. Note the recent Violent ‘Atrocities’ committed by highly stressed Military personnel ..on prescribed ‘Drugs’. The agenda driven US govt reacts by punishing the soldier, to whom  they themselves Administered the Drugs.

Schools (predictable Victims, located in irresponsibly mandated ‘Gun Free Zones’) alone, but not restricted to, have reported huge Violence increases, as listed on this site with randomly collected data…    …… It is reported that ‘Lanza’, the latest school shooter (in the most At Risk age group, of less than 25 years of age) was on Prescription Meds…. ‘FANAPT’. The media is Not prone to release data that goes against agenda driven ‘news’ and their overpowering Politics. 9 out of 10 recent horrendous atrocities, are now directly linked to SSRI consumption.

Children on Antidepressants are 80-130% HIGHER Risk of suicide, Agitation, Hostility or mania leading to Violence, ‘After’ being prescribed antidepressants. Alcohol, Meth, Sudafed, Ectasy, cough suppressants and some herbals, such as St John’s Wort, can increase the toxicity of Antidepressants.

In the NM Alb Journal of Jan 3 2013, Leslie Linthicum reported, we have a Dr. Pawan Kumar Jain in Las Cruces NM with 3,233 patients. He has distributed 3 million 28,939 doses of pain meds (primarily Oxycodone. At least 21 deaths have occurred of his limited patient list, many of them Suicides.

The entire staff of UNMH has over 23,000 patients and has distributed a half million ‘fewer’ doses. Dr. Jain has now lost his NM license to practice, but ‘not to worry’, he has 49 Other states in which to open a  medical practice. Dr. Jain is educated in India. In the current US medical system, that is now quite common.

Oxycodone with numerous side effects such as Euphoria, was developed in 1916 Germany as a less addictive alternative to Morphine and Heroin. It is derived from Codeine. It has been reformulated to make it harder to crush, to release the Opiate faster. Label warning says, ‘Do Not Crush or release will increase’. Isn’t that nice? Of course the now perpetually Drug Addicted USA consumes the lion’s share, with 82% of the TOTAL of the entire world’s production. Canada and Australia with rampant Socialism equal to the USA, follow closely in percentage per capita.

Knowing that we have an overwhelming number of people (1.5 million at last estimate ‘legally’ consuming and that’s a bare minimum est) now encouraged to roam freely among law abiding society, while balancing their unstable emotions with ‘legal’ Drug addiction, now add ‘Illegal’ with it’s violence encouraging effects. Now is NOT the time to Disarm and render helpless, the law abiding USA. With absolutely No fear of instant reprisal, the vastly growing ‘mind altered’ are easily encouraged to enact their fantasies.

The end results can easily result in abject terror sweeping the overwhelmingly law abiding, rendered helpless society, that succumbed to the misguided siren song of Utopian Disarmament. To say nothing of the Historical consequences to predictably follow the weakening of the Bill of Rights, Second Amendment, as a Tyrannical Govt, that during this time of a 400% increase in use of Designer Drugs, is ITSELF quite likely on Antidepressants, being in Totalitarian Tyrannical Control?


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